The Red Lion (Theatre Review)


“Here we are in Red Lion territory, the non-league (but supposedly going places) football club. It’s a bit grim, tattered around the edges, in need of a lick of paint and all that, but functional.

And so very full of love.”

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“Open: Amy, a young girl of fourteen, lounging on the stairs with her mates, laughing and cracking jokes. On this shaky camera, filmed by one of the group, she is ordinary – pretty, yes, but ordinary. Until she begins to sing.

…And so sets the exposition of the tragedy.”

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Berberian Sound Studio


Berberian Sound Studio. I’m still struggling to get the name right (too many vowels to get my head around). And the meaning of the film for that matter (too many dream sequences to get my head around). It may seem odd to begin with the end, but that is where my BSS experience seemed to take off. Fumbling for the remote in my darkened room, hoping it was just a habitual glitch of Netflix that had cut off my viewing so abruptly (and not the script), it is fair to say I panicked somewhat. How could it possibly end there? But it did, and it will, leaving no other option but to let out a brief but genuine whimper, a couple of loud sobs and an immediate re-watch to desperately try to claw definitive meaning out of the fucker. Yet, on closer look, it seems this film likes to play 4 degrees to the left of certainty.

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